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In Company Training

An investment with real potential.

Inducting, grooming and retaining good people is one of the greatest challenges in the current day and age for all organizations. Many corporations are asking themselves:

  • How can we motivate good staff?’
  • ‘What can we do to reward them and retain them?’
  • ‘How can we develop skills that are useful to us?’

Academic programmes can impart your staff with information and understanding, but these programmes often do not come up with the requisite skills linked with it to deliver the goods andthat can make a difference to a specific business or profession.

Training can be a time consuming, hectic and inefficient process. It needs resources and logistics that can often pose a threat to the cost effectiveness of developing your staff, and the coaching programme itself may not engage employees in a way that makes training productive and useful.
What if such a programme was wrapped inside an in-company project designed to target specific company issues and which could be mentored by your senior executives?

Our School has initiated such a programme which is mapped against OFQUAL RQF credits and provides access to top-up University programmes. Companies can purchase access to the materials for their staff and the materials can be used as stand alone CPD resources and can of course be supported by live training or mentoring where applicable. The assessments can be purchased alongside access to the materials as an option for those staff that wish to convert the modules into a University qualification, with either a BA or an MBA. The modules are topped off by a series of Assignments which summarily tests skills and understanding.

On successful completion of the assessments and assignments, staff can top-up to their chosen University qualification by distance learning, meaning that no campus attendance is required.

Furthermore, Mortha Halls of Ivy UK has a “white label” offering. A company can design programmes around their specific requirements. We can brand learning material into a corporate look and feel, obtain OFQUAL approval to enable credits against further study, and provide specialist advice in the design, structure, and envelopment of an in-house online training resource. Contact us for further information from our specialist consultants.